Foals • Jumping horses • Dressage horses

6th Auction Glantz & Gloria
Friday, 07. August 2020

at the Erdbeerhof Glantz in Delingsdorf, Germany
Address: Hamburger Str. 2a | 22941 Delingsdorf


Presentation of the auction horses 
at Stall Hamann
Address: Timmerhornerstr. 9 | 22949 Ammersbek, Germany

Presentation of the foals 
at the Erdbeerhof Glantz
Address: Hamburger Str. 2a | 22941 Delingsdorf, Germany

Presentation of the dressage horses
at Stall Hamann
Address: Timmerhornerstr. 9 | 22949 Ammersbek, Germany

Come into conversation with our breeding stables

Dressage horses and foals
Enno Glantz +49 172 954 86 78
Lena Berwe +49 162 33 15 623
Showjumping horses and foals
Wulf-Hinrich Hamann +49 171 414 26 34
Enno Glantz +49 172 954 86 78
Reimer Detlef Hennings  +49 172 358 56 88
Dieter Mehrens +49 172 410 02 72
Tjeert Rijkens +49 172 265 99 11
Sören von Rönne +49 171 231 16 17
Tjark and Marten Witt +49 152 240 21 641


We offer you the possibility to try the horses in the week befor the auction takes part. If you want to make an appointment for a tryout, please contact the respective exhibitor / breeding stable. Trying out at an earlier time is possible but only in consultation with the home stables. Riding the horses will be completely at your own risk.

Videos and cataloque

Videos available in June

Catalogue available in July – Please use following e-mail address to order

Phone Bids

In case you are not able to attend the auction our team will be happy to take your interest of a foal or a horse before the auction (latest until 24 hours before begin of auction). A written confirmation is required by email Foreign and new customers are required to submit a written bank confirmation. A representative of the Auction Team will call you in time during the auction of the horse or foal you are interested in. Immediately after the acceptance of the bid, we will sign the purchase note on your behalf and ask you to confirm and sign it after the auction.